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At PC POP, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive range of professional cleaning and maintenance services to keep your devices running smoothly. Our team of skilled technicians utilise the latest tools and techniques to deliver exceptional results, from deep-cleaning your desktop PC to refreshing your laptop and tuning up your game console. We understand the importance of a well-maintained system and are committed to delivering a prompt and reliable service, all at competitive prices. Trust PC POP to take care of your tech needs and keep your devices in top shape. Contact us today to schedule a service.

PC Cleaning for a fast and smoother performance

Our PC Cleaning services range from affordable basic cleaning which focuses on dust blowing where we will blow dust out of the PC to deep cleaning where we will disassemble every component of the PC to get into the tight spots in the PC.

Laptop and Macbook cleaning at PC POP offers affordable cleaning services to extend the lifespan of a Macbook/laptop. Dust accumulated inside a Macbook/laptop is considered one of the causes of overheating.

Laptop and Macbook cleaning for a faster and smoother performance.
We clean consoles like PlayStations and XBOX to maintain its performance.

Gaming consoles (e.g. PS4, PS5, Xbox) collect dust easily in this climate. Dust accumulation in a device causes overheating and often results in the abrupt turning off of the consoles. At PC POP, we will dissemble the device to clean the dust from every tight spot in the console.

Our GPU cleaning services range from basic GPU cleaning and deep GPU cleaning. An affordable alternative for GPU cleaning with us is our basic GPU cleaning, where we will blow dust out of the GPU without dissembling it. Our deep GPU cleaning consists of us dissembling every component of the GPU to clean it, including replacing the GPU's thermal paste. The replacement of thermal pads is an option included for deep GPU cleaning.

Save money and clean your GPU with us.
Leave all the hassle to PC POP.

Keyboards are considered one of the dirtiest objects we touch every day. At PC POP, we clean keyboards by removing each keycap to wash them individually. This is followed by blowing the dust away from the keyboard and disinfecting it with alcohol. Price varies depending on the number of keycap.

Proper cable management provides proper airflow for a PC. At PC POP, we pride ourselves on proper cable management to provide better airflow for our client's PCs. A smooth airflow also reduces the accumulation of dust.

A proper cable management lets your PC live longer
Its our job to inspect what's the problem with your devices.

PC POP offers system diagnosis for hardware and software. Our experts at PC POP will provide a professional consultation based on the diagnosed of our client's devices. 

From Windows to IOS, PC POP provides reformat services for PC, laptops, Macbooks, and consoles. We use an authentic operating system to provide a reliable experience for our customers.

We do reformatting and more.
We are professionals in these things.

PC POP provides hardware setup services for those who lack the technical skills and time. Our experts will install hardware for you at a very reasonable price from installing cooling fans, coolers, and motherboards, to swapping PC casings (cable management included).

Our experts at PC POP will consult our clients for the best option for customising their personal computers. Either going for total power or depending on the customer's budget, we will fulfill the dream build for our customers.

Prices we offer to cater you needs and wants.
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